The ability to say sorry can save you from difficult situations

This is the post excerpt.


Saying sorry for a mistake you have made, and thaf hurt someone’s feelings, is an absolute must. If you understand the nature of the nature of the mistake you have made and how it harms others, the feeling of the need to say sorry is an automatic response.

But many of us don’t care for such civilities that cost us nothing, but could get us a lot of peace of mind and self-respect.

        Even the person to whom you say sorry starts respecting and trusting you as someone sincere and dependable; that’s when your good days begin.

  The journey of life is nothing but the attempt to keep yourself happy and at peace, as well as letting others do the same. Only then can one hope to achieve great things in life.

As they say, an apology is a good way to have the last word. You need not say anything more to mend the situation hat your misdeed had created. Rest assured, your saying sorry and i love u works as the best healer

I always recall when martial artist Bruce lee said when I feel that I have made a mistake that could hurt others knowingly or unknowingly. ” Mistake are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them”

How true! Courage with wisdom is a saviour. But we have to be able to realise this and be better human beings so that the society we live in get better by the day.


Exams are the worst nightmare ever.. 

You can’t sleep properly. Just can’t wake up in time.

All of your day seems like killing you inside. Exams have the worst feeling to explain.  People who have there exams goin’ on 

        Just want to say “all the best”. Don’t take stress for exam & result as well.❤️


So one day i was traveling. I stopped to book shop which i usually do and i saw i book called “the sun and her flowers” i got impressed by the title which is a poetry book by rupi kaur.

When i started reading the book it’s seems like to boring but i read more trying to feel the pain & deep meaning of the words which she wrote in the book quite inspired me. 

So many people in our society which is suffering from these kind off things or feeling which they can’t express or tell anyone. Which they suffer by there own in there own head, heart which lead to a huge problem called “depression.

Still many people taking stand for there own. They started speaking up & fight against society.

Having someone special in your life❤

Now days falling in love is the most common activity in our society. Having a bf or gf is a trend to jealous there friends and sometimes to showoff. 

They show that they actually fall in love with someone special but that not exactly what they think. I’m not saying it’s wrong or they are faking there love. 

Point is.. 

That they actually fall in love with their dream boy or girl or they are sacrificing for society in the of trend?


Don’t hold grudges in your mind because it pollutes the soul 😇

Destiny has it’s way to teach you what you need to learn. There is the famous saying, ” what goes around, comes around.”

If you give someone pain, guilt, happiness, love or friendship, it will come back to you in one way or another. They hurt you and you suffer. But they smile, laugh and enjoy with the people whom they talk ill about in front of you. You realise that was nothing but a lie. That friendship, too, was a lie but you did everything to save it.
They come, you accept; they lie, you believe; they hurt you, you love them, and;they leave, you stay

What would you do to hold back someone who doesn’t want to stay? What would you love someone who thinks your coming into his/her life was a mistake? People are all the same. But you don’t hold grudges, because it pollutes the soul. They lied and you believed ––it’s not your mistake. You simply went with the flow.

Understand that everything happened in the past was an “almost” and you deserve “all”.

It is just that the one who deserve you is your destination and the one who lefts was an obstacle in your journey. Because the best is yet to come.

The benefits of prayer should never be underestimated ❤

Prayer is an inspiring companion and to pray bestows one with peace of mind. It is, even if you pray briefly, a form of meditation which can instil positive vibes and a sense of achievement. Indeed, it provides a feeling of being refreshed and is a stimulating activity before the begins. At the end of a day, a few minutes of prayer leaves one reassured.

Prayer helps boost your will power enabling one to exercise self-control. People become amiable and nicer. Psychologist say that asking people to pray for someone in particular reduces aggression. 

Prayer also makes it easier to forgive and this happens when you remember a partner or friend. It fosters unity and harmony. In the volatile world of today, with changes in business, political scenarios and demanding requirements at work, prayer helps deal with stress. Research has shown prayer which is focused on gratitude has a positive effect on mental well-being. Psychologist say prayer reduces ego and promotes humility. We must not ignore its benefits to health because prayer regulates heartbeat and reduces stress, which has a tangible effect on blood pressure.

Although praying is seen as a mental and spiritual activity, the benefits to physical health are also immense. Above all,when enduring an emotional or troubled phase, prayer enables one to believe that there is hope to overcome a challenging experience.